This is a website designed to present my Art Portfolio and Art Training, as well as give some background to my practice. Theoretical underpinnings of my art practice will be added to each area when and where appropriate.

It is also the landing page for Calgary  ‘Art and Soul’ Collage Workshops

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. I was often dragged up in front of the class to show the other children to draw a horse etc. and although I was mortified to have that attention focused on me, my love of drawing and creating images never ceased. I started by copying cartoons from the newspaper, or watched drawing shows on TV and basically took every chance I had  to explore the creative process.

I then had the privilege to attend a vocational High School that focused on Art Training (both fine art and commercial art ), which gave me a solid background in drawing and painting, life drawing, textiles and crafts as well as typography, illustration, layout and design, Art History etc. I then worked in commercial art for a short while before became a young mother. While taking time out to  raise three children I continued to express my creativity through arts and crafts (cloth hangings, macrame (it was the 70’s!) rice paper lamp shades etc. Oh, and lots of play doh!

I was always the go-to person for newsletter design, posters, logos etc for community groups I was involved in.

When my children were older I  went back to study art at a degree level and enjoyed exploring a variety of mediums with the intention to widen my experience and to teach art. I also enjoyed discovering  the art theory  required in a post-modern art education.

This led to a Masters Degree undertaken in the UK, followed by Adult-Ed Teacher training there as well, where I had the privilege to work with a very well respected Art Teacher from whom I learned a great deal about designing and implementing an art program.  I received so much validation and had such a positive experience that I knew I was on my way.

At the current time I continue  making Art, have begun running collage courses at a few venues, and am now looking to join the local art community, find a studio etc.and start to teach.  I am currently exploring an artists residency with the Calgary Board of Education and  continue to be  very excited about making art!