‘Art n Soul’ Collage

Card Reading Night Nov 1st

‘Art and Soul’ Collage is my own local version of  “SoulCollage® created by Seena B. Frost.   This wonderfully  satisfying and creative collage process requires no artistic training: Anyone can do it!

We start with a short visualization to get us into right brain feeling mode, then we peruse the magazine images provided and observe that certain images seem to draw themselves to us (or us to them).

As we work in silence, we put the images together  on cards provided – and when we are finished each card, we quietly ask:  ‘Who are you?’

When everyone is finished their card (or cards), we enter group process – where the answer is shared with the group:  ” I am One Who…. “

One by one – we build our personal deck of cards – each SoulCollage Card representing an aspect of our Personality or Soul.  Once we have enough cards made – we can do readings with our own and each others cards (Reading Nights).

There are Committee Cards (representing parts of us) – Community Cards (important people and places in our life) – Council cards (larger than life archetypes)                                     and Companion Cards (animal energies linking to our instinctual self).

Each card stands on its own or can be part of a group that tells a story or answers a question. Every time we work with a card it – can have a different meaning/message. The possibilities are endless!

Who am I? Where am I going?

Click on any card for larger image.

Art n Soul workshops in Calgary:

If you would like to attend an afternoon session – or start your own group (if you host in your own home the workshop is free) –  please contact me at artnsoulcalgary@gmail.com

You can also find Art n Soul Collage on Facebook – where you will find more examples,  plus current meet up dates etc.

More Cards:



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