‘Art n Soul’ Collage

Card Reading Night Nov 1st

Upcoming workshops listed at bottom of page.

‘Art and Soul’ Collage is my own local version of  “SoulCollage® created by Seena B. Frost.   This wonderfully  satisfying and creative collage process requires no artistic training: Anyone can do it!

As we work in silence, we gather  images that call to us – and collage them onto  the 5 x 8 cards provided. When we are finished each card, we quietly ask:  ‘Who are you?’

When everyone is finished their card (or cards), we enter group process – where the answer is shared with the group:  ” I am One Who…. “

One by one – we build our personal deck of cards – each SoulCollage® Card representing an aspect of our Personality or Soul.  Once we have enough cards made – we can do readings with our own and each others cards (Reading Nights).

Each card stands on its own or can be part of a group that tells a story or answers a question. Every time we work with a card – it can have a different meaning/message. The possibilities are endless!

Who am I? Where am I going? Whats the big hurry?

Click on any card for larger image.


The Next Step –  we go deeper with our cards and use them to get guidance and answer questions etc.



Art n Soul Reading Night Poster

Art n Soul Workshops in Calgary:

If you would like to attend an afternoon session – or start your own group (if you host in your own home – you  attend the workshop  free) –  Please contact me at artnsoulcalgary@gmail.com

You can also find ArtNSoul Collage on Facebook – where you will find more examples,   current meet up dates etc. I’m still getting up to speed with the tech side of things –  your patience is appreciated.

Intro to Astrology using SoulCollage®

Coming in May 2018

We will explore the meaning and symbols of  our Sun, Moon and Rising Sing – utilizing SoulCollage® to create card images for each aspect. Image making  brings Astrology into concrete form and enables a more three dimensional  experience of our Astrology chart. Its fun and exciting to explore and share with others.

 Stay tuned for  more information – or contact me at artnsoulcalgary@gmail.com to be put on the mailing list.



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