Wall Murals

Acrylic on Large Canvass

Most of these are roughly 6′ x 5′

Featured image: 2 part panel : ‘Underwater Magic’

From Left to right:  1. Underwater Magic (commission)  2.Floating  3.Evolution of Woman     4.Aztec Birth Goddess (collaboration with Jennifer Boire) 4.Emergence(y)

I was interested in ancient portrayals of women (wall carvings and paintings) and examining female archetypes and iconography throughout history; examining both positive and negative  projections onto women.  I played with the idealization of women (Madonna) , as well and the polar opposite  of that idealization (i.e. body/nakedness/ shame). The aim is to reclaim  the one more hidden (comes through as the image turns).

Madonna/Whore project: A slide projection of two images onto a hanging translucent  mylar screen moved and morphed and gave us images of the body in so many aspects of skinny, fat and everything in between. Body dysmorphia (distorted perception of ones own body) is a common aspect of anorexia nervosa … not uncommon in teenage girls.

  1. Madonna 2. Still Standing  3/4/5. Madonna/Whore Series (slides of first two images projected and combined on round mylar screen.

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