Grad Work

BFA: Alberta Collage of Art and Design

“Time and Tide”

Studying and traveling in England was like time-traveling, reminding me of the temporary quality of the moment we inhabit.

“Time and tide wait for no man” (or woman)


Norwich University of the Arts UK


(Latin for ‘gold’)

This began with portraits of everyday women … on gold plates .. a continuation of the theme around idealization (and distortion) of our perception of woman (see Madonna/Whore series in mural section). The gold plates represent halos (holy auras).

After the portraits  I progressed to  photos of my own reflection. That is when  I discovered that the word  ‘aura’ comes from ‘Aurum’…  which is Latin for Gold.

This led to the  study of the ‘Iconography of Gold’ (i.e. value), which became my  my Master’s Thesis. The following are stills from the Video Installation  called ‘Aurum’. (More pics/Video to come)

Stills from ‘Aurum’ project:


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